Real Industries Self-Catch Headgate

Automatic self-catch headgate

The newest Real Industries automatic self-catch headgate design is our easiest operating headgate to date. The new vertical lifting catch plate mounted on roller bearings provides a smooth, easy to operate catch and release system.

Gone are the days of fighting to release stubborn animals as they push and fight against an outdated pivot system that depends on steel on steel friction to hold them in place. The new Real Industries catch and release system makes releasing even the most stubborn animal an easy one handed job, no need for hammers or pry bars.

This self-catch headgate also allows the producer to set the headgate to the correct size and let the animals catch themselves as they move into the squeeze. There is no need to time the catch just right with a manual lever and no risk of the animal getting hip locked or not being caught at all.

The Real Industries self-catch headgate is easily adjusted from a 9.25” opening down to a 4.25” opening.

The automatic return feature allows the headgate to reset itself for the next animal.

Optional Neck extender:

The Real Industries neck extender option provides an additional set of bars that is positioned in front of the headgate to further reduce the animal’s movements. The neck extender bars are easily adjusted and can be swung out of the way when running smaller animals.

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