WINNIPEG, MB: Real Industries, a livestock equipment supplier and producer, is announcing that it is now a supplier for all federated Co-Op locations. As an official supplier for Co-Op, Real Industries products will now be more widely available to livestock producers across Canada. 

Previously, it was more expensive and challenging for livestock producers to order the equipment their operations required. This partnership will make it easier for customers in markets across Canada to have access to the livestock equipment they need. Overall, it has the potential to make the industry safer and more efficient through the use of readily available and high-quality equipment.

By making its products more accessible, Real Industries is helping Canadians get the equipment they need to run efficient, safe, and affordable livestock operations.

“Now that we are a Co-Op supplier, our products will be more conveniently available to our customers,” said Jamie Rea, General Manager of Real Industries. “It allows us to reach areas of our market that we did not have good access to in the past.”

Federated Co-Operated Limited is a co-operative owned by over 160 independent local associations. It supports communities across Western Canada by distributing agricultural supplies, food, gas, and other products.

Part of the FCL’s mission is to support farmers in Canada. To do this, they distribute animal feed, livestock equipment, and fertilizer to individual and corporate customers. The organization began by sourcing twine in the 1920s. Now, it provides a comprehensive range of crop and livestock products. The new partnership with Real Industries will ensure that its selection of livestock handling equipment is available to cattle producers across Canada. 

Real Industries was founded in 1977. For over 45 years, the company has provided manufactured livestock handling equipment to producers across Western Canada and North Central United States. Real Industries manufactures and supplies livestock handling equipment, including squeeze chutes, alleys, crowding tubs, corral panels, and bale feeders. For more information about the company and the services it provides, visit its website at