Livestock Bale Forks For Sale

Serving Manitoba, Alberta, and Saskatchewan

A single bale can weigh over 1000 lbs. You need a way to maneuver bales around your property with ease.

Need a hand with handling bales? Our bale forks are just what you’re looking for. Use our Under Bale Stab Forks and 3-Point Hitch Forks to move bales, pallets, boxes, and more. 

Moving bales is a breeze with our selection of bale forks. If you’re in the market for bale forks, we offer the following designs:

Under Bale Stab Fork

Our Under Bale Stab Forks make it easy to transport round or square bales. Attach the bale fork directly to your large farm tractors. Then, use the Under Bale Stab Fork to secure the bale and lift it. Our bale forks arrive painted for your convenience. 

With the Underbale Stab Fork, brackets must be added so that the device can be attached to the tractor. These brackets are usually purchased from the tractor dealer. They can be mounted to any tractor, big or small!

The Underbale Fork can be used to lift the bale from underneath or by stabbing it into the bale. 


  • Constructed from heavy tubular steel square tubes. 
  • Made with drop forged fork prongs for strength and reliability.



  • Square tubes are 3 x 3 inches with ⅜ and ¼ inch walls.
  • Sold as Frame and Teeth only. The brackets are not included. 

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3-Point Hitch Fork

The 3-Point Fork is mounted on the rear of the tractor. It can lift 1 bale at a time by stabbing into the bale and lifting. Features and specifications are as follows:


  • The 3-point design offers stability and greater load-bearing capacity.
  • Made of heavy tubular steel.
  • 3 x 3-inch tubular steel with ⅜ and ¼ inch walls.
  • Fork prongs are drop forged.



  • Frame and Teeth only.
  • Arrives painted.

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