Handling Systems

Our handling systems can be adapted to solve a wide variety of needs. Because the units are sold either as components or as a complete system, they are configurable for each situation. Each component is ready to use and requires no assembly. This makes your job easier, simply set each component where you want to work and pin them together. The portable handling system is constructed with components fixed on a frame, allowing faster location changes.

Real self-catching headates

Deluxe Squeeze Chute

Hydraulic Squeeze Chute

Palpation Cage

8 1/2 ft Straight Alley (with 2 adjustable sides)

11 ft Straight Alley

Loading Chute

Splitting Alley

Alley Bow

Rolling Gate

Crowding Tub – Small

Crowding Tub – Large

Classic Portable Handling System (Large Tub)

Big Horn Alley System

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