Palpation Cage


A palpation cage provides a safe place for the vet or producer to enter the handling system from behind the secured animal. With the palpation cage, the animal is restrained in the headgate and squeeze chute. The cage keeps handlers safe from harm while they check on their cattle. 

Use a palpation cage to keep your animals in place while you can do the health and maternity checks they need. With it, you’ll get safe and convenient access to your livestock. 



Also known as a vet cage, a palpation cage keeps your cattle in a safe position while you perform essential animal care. If you need to determine if a cow is pregnant, check on the health of a pregnant cow, or artificially inseminate a cow, a palpation cage is what you’re looking for. 

Why should you invest in a palpation cage? You can use a heavy-duty palpation cage to:

  • Help veterinarians check on your animals safely.
  • Perform pregnancy checking and artificial insemination. 
  • Ensure your animals get the care they need.

You can do these checks quickly, efficiently, and easily using the palpation cage.


Our palpation cage arrives in 1 solid piece for your convenience. The cage is sandblasted, primed, and painted. It’s a stand-alone palpation section that easily connects to your handling system.

The palpation cage is accessible from either side when placed in your handling system. The two side doors swing in or out, so you can block off the alley while you work. You can also use the swinging doors for sorting animals.


  • Height: 6’6”
  • Interior width: 40”
  • Length: 41”
  • 14 gauge ribbed side doors


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