Creep Feeders

You want your livestock feeding area to be as low-stress as possible? The right livestock equipment will help your cows and calves feel comfortable enough to eat properly. But ensuring that young calves get as much food as your adult cattle can be tough.

With a Creep Feeder, you can ensure your calves grow up to become healthy, well-fed adults. Keep adults out of the way with a creep feeder, a physical barrier that only lets smaller animals through, ensuring the little ones get enough to eat.

We currently offer 130 Bushel and 200 Bushel Creep Feeders on Wheels. Each model features an adjustable hitch, a removable jack, and a top lid that can be opened from the ground.



At Real Industries, our Creep Feeders offer the following:

  • Sloped overhang to protect feed from rain and prevent birds from sitting on the edge of the feeder. Make sure more of your feed goes to your animals, not to wildlife or lost to the elements.
  • Adjustable gate to control feed. If your animals are eating too much or too little, simply adjust the gate to tweak your setup. 
  • New 235/80 R16 trailer tires. It’s easy to move your Creep Feeder to wherever you need it with these trailer tires. 
  • Adjustable creep panels. Customize your creep panels to the precise dimensions you need.


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