Creep Feeders

Our creep feeders have been designed to be functional, user friendly and durable enough to last. We offer three sizes of creep feeders: a 90 bushel on skids, a 130 bushel on wheels and a 250 bushel on wheels. Over the last 25 years our feeders have proven to be popular in Minnesota, North/South Dakota, Montana, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta.

All of our creep feeders come with the standard features:

  • Adjustable cast clevis and ¾” pin
  • Tongue jack
  • Top lid that can be easily opened from the ground
  • Adjustable gates to control volume of feed
  • Trough overhang to protect feed from rain
  • Fold up adjustable creep panels with three height settings
  • New 235/80R16 trailer tires on wheeled models

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