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Since 1977 Real Industries Ltd. has provided livestock handling equipment to farmers across Canada and United States.


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Since 1977 Real Industries Ltd. has been providing a range of manufactured livestock handling equipment to farmers across Western Canada and North Central United States. From panels and cattle feeders to squeeze chutes, alleyway, crowding tubs and portable systems Real Industries can make your job easier and safer. Empty or loaded the Real livestock trailer is one of the easiest pulling units on the Canadian market.

Real Industries Ltd. has located itself in rural Western Canada, in the heart of its customers. Our direct proximity to the end user gives us both insight and speed in development of products the farming community is looking for.

Because our products have been developed for use in the harsh and varied climates of Canada, attention has been paid to durability and reliability. This has been proven with sales and use as far north as the Yukon, west to British Columbia, east to New Brunswick and south to the northern states of Wisconsin, Minnesota, North and South Dakota as well as Montana.

Our goal

“To create a quality product, at an affordable price, to make the livestock farmers job a little easier”

25ft Real Industries Livestock Trailer
Neck extender headgate on Real Industries Squeeze chute

Featured Products

At Real Industries, we offer a huge selection of livestock equipment for your farm. We’ve been manufacturing livestock equipment since 1977. With over 45 years of experience, we’re committed to creating products that give you a safe and cost-effective way to handle your livestock.

Give your animals the care they need with livestock equipment by Real Industries. Our featured products include:


We’ve designed our livestock trailers using years of research and design development, giving you incredible durability at an affordable price. We carry several models of livestock trailers in a variety of sizes. Our heavy-duty trailers include the same great 33 standard features, and a 6-year structural warranty backs each one.

Handling Systems

We sell every component you need to assemble the ideal handling system for your farm. Our selection includes palpation cages, self-catching head gates, splitting alleys, crowding tubs, and more.

Calving Equipment

Our calving pens are designed for quick and easy setup, whether you need them for nursing, inoculation, calving, or examination. We sell square and round calving pens. With a round calving pen, you’ll have an easier time directing your animals toward the head gate.


We create versatile paneling system products to fit the needs of your farm. Our selection includes feeder panels, walk-through gates, bull gates, and various panel accessories.


Our feeders help make feeding time safer and less stressful for your animal. Our products reduce food waste and lower the risk of injuries during feeding. Check out our selection of bale feeders and bunk feeders.

Bale Forks

Use our Under Bale Stab Fork or 3-Point Hitch Fork to easily maneuver round or square bales. Our bale forks offer excellent load-bearing capacity and can connect directly to your tractor.

Creep Feeders

Need help feeding smaller calves safely? That’s what our creep feeders are for. We carry the 130 Bushel and 200 Bushel Creep Feeders on Wheels. Each model includes a removable jack, an adjustable hitch, and a top lid that can be opened from the ground.

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