Deluxe Squeeze Chute

Cattle Squeeze Chute

For over 45 years Real Industries has worked directly with cattle producers in Western Canada and the United States to develop and improve its livestock handling systems. Over the years the Real Industries Squeeze Chute has been improved and upgraded with the goal of achieving a safer and quieter handling experience for both animal and producer.

The Real Squeeze is a parallel axis squeeze design that comes standard with a rubber topped steel floor to reduce noise and give the animals better traction. Both of these features help the animals to remain calm while they are in the chute. The palpation cage on the Real Squeeze is adjustable with the squeeze sides; this allows the producer to narrow the palpation cage when working calves to eliminate wide spaces for animals to turn in.

Another great feature that sets the Real Squeeze apart from other squeezes is the very easy rolling tail gate that can be operated from either side without using awkward ropes, cables and extension handles. Its horizontal sliding motion reduces strain on the operators arm during long days of processing, while its double acting design allows the door to open and close twice as fast as other tail gates on the market.

The Real Squeeze offers full access to the animal with large openings for branding, administering pour-on treatment, working on hooves and udders as well as getting calves to suck. The door latches have tight tolerances to reduce rattling and excessive noise but are still easy and quick to use.

The latest upgrade for the Real Squeeze is on the headgate. The old outdated metal on metal friction catch design has been replaced with a smooth roller bearing design. This new roller bearing design is easy to operate, heavy duty in design and makes releasing even the most stubborn animal a breeze. No longer will a producer need to use a hammer or pry bar to help release big animals pushing hard in either direction. The Real Squeeze comes with either a self-catch Neck-Extender headgate or a standard self-catch headgate.

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