8.5 Foot Straight Alley

With the straight alley, animals can enter your handling system with ease, and flow naturally through it. Your livestock will have a less stressful experience and be able to move along the alley quickly. This makes your job easier and makes your livestock feel more comfortable.

With a straight alley, you can:

  • Improve cattle flow. 
  • Handle your animals more efficiently, saving you time and energy. 
  • Adjust the width to accommodate your animals. 

Whether you’re working with large bulls or young calves, your livestock will fit through the alley without difficulty. 

The 8.5’ straight alley is the perfect addition to your cattle handling system. Add a splitting alley so you can sort cattle as you work. Or connect a pen at the end to contain your livestock. At Real Industries, we offer adjustable straight alleys that are built to last.



  • The alley is completely adjustable, so it will fit easily into your existing system. 
  • The alley arrives as a one-piece welded unit for ease of setup. No customer setup is required!
  • The one-step slide adjuster is easily operated by one person.
  • Removable walkways are easily hung on either side. 
  • You can use the 8.5’ straight alley in conjunction with the alley bow, and it will easily convert to a curve.


  • The straight alley adjusts from 20” to 34” to accommodate a wide range of animals and systems.
  • Height: 6’5”
  • Width: 40”
  • Length: 8 ½’

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At Real Industries, we’re always working to improve our products to better meet your needs. When you order an 8.5’ straight alley from us, you can expect durability, ease of use, and reliable performance. Let us help you find the right livestock equipment for you. Place your order today!