15 Foot Straight Alley

15′ Livestock Alley

At Real Industries, we understand that the well-being of your livestock is paramount. That’s why we’re proud to introduce our innovative 15ft Livestock Alley, designed for low-stress handling that prioritizes the safety and comfort of your animals.

Key Features:

1. Animal-Centric Design: Our Livestock Alley sets the standard for low-stress handling. The adjustable side walls ensure that the animal stays centered throughout the process, eliminating any jogs or corners that might cause stress or hesitation.

2. Adjustable Overhead, No Back: The overhead no back design is adjustable and allows for for no backs to be added as needed. The no back prevents animals from backing up once they’ve moved forward. This ensures a smooth and continuous flow, reducing stress and promoting a calm environment.

3. Man Doors for Accessibility: Equipped with man doors on both sides of the alley, our Livestock Alley facilitates easy and convenient access for handlers, streamlining the entire livestock handling process.

4. Rubber Stoppers for Noise Reduction: We understand the impact of loud, jarring noises on livestock stress levels. Our Livestock Alley is fitted with rubber stoppers to minimize disruptive sounds, creating a more tranquil atmosphere for your animals.

5. Lower Sides for Visibility: Designed with lower side sheeting, our alley allows animals to see their surroundings, reducing anxiety and promoting a sense of security during the handling process.The lower sheeting also eliminates the need for awkward catwalks that can be dangerous and tiring to navigate.

Product Specifications:

  • Adjustable Width: 20” to 34” to accommodate a wide range of animals and systems.
  • Height: 6’5”
  • Width: 40”
  • Frame: 3″ square tube for durability
  • Doors: 1.5″ square tube and 14ga. sheet for strength and longevity

Durable and Affordable:

Real Industries is committed to providing livestock handling solutions that are both durable and affordably priced. Our Livestock Alley is built to withstand the rigors of daily use while ensuring that your investment goes a long way.

Compatibility and Trust Since 1977:

Our Livestock Alley seamlessly integrates with crowding tubes or bud boxes, offering versatility in your handling systems. Real Industries has been a trusted name in livestock handling equipment since 1977, with a proven track record of delivering reliable solutions to farmers and ranchers.

Invest in Real Industries’ 15ft Livestock Alley for a revolutionary approach to low-stress livestock handling. Contact us today to discuss your specific needs and experience the difference our equipment can make for your operation.