Deluxe Squeeze Chute

Deluxe Cattle Squeeze Chute

To develop our Deluxe Squeeze Chute, we’ve worked directly with cattle producers across Canada and the U.S for over 45 years. In that time, we’ve continually improved our product to provide a safer, quieter, and less stressful handling experience for the animal and the livestock producer. 

Use the Deluxe Squeeze Chute for branding, administering treatment, working on hooves or udders, and getting calves to suck. 


  • Door latches with tight tolerances to reduce rattling and excessive noise.
  • Rubber-topped steel floor to provide better traction for animals
  • Includes a Self-Catch Neck-Extender Headgate or Standard Self-Catch Headgate. 
  • Parallel axis squeeze design 


Our Cattle Squeeze Chute keeps stress levels lower. The rubber floor provides better traction for the animals and reduces noise.

Another feature is the adjustable palpation cage; you can narrow the cage when you’re working with smaller calves and get rid of wide spaces where animals can turn in. 

In addition, our product features an easy rolling tailgate. Operate it from either side without using ropes, cables, or extension handles. 

The horizontal sliding motion is easier to maneuver, reducing strain on your arm after a long work day. The double-acting design makes the door open and close twice as fast as other tailgates on the market. 

The new and improved headgate features a smooth roller bearing design. It’s simple to operate and offers heavy-duty strength. It’s easy to release even the most stubborn animals—no hammers or pry bars needed!


How long is it internally, and how much does a squeeze chute weigh?

The internal length of our cattle squeeze chute is 10 ft. The approximate weight is 2000 lbs.

Is the Deluxe Squeeze Chute self-catch or manual?

We offer two types of self-catching headgates: One standard and one with a neck extender. 

How difficult is it to relocate the Deluxe Squeeze Chute?

We’ve designed our Deluxe Squeeze Chute to be as easy to operate as possible. If you have any questions about how to use it, contact Real Industries, and we’ll be glad to assist you.


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