Small Crowding Tub

Steer your livestock with ease using our small crowding tub. 

Our small crowding tub is designed for easier setup in smaller areas. At the same time, it does not greatly reduce the number of animals that can go in the tub. Our crowding tub is also available in the reverse direction for your convenience. 

Easy assembly, ergonomic design, and expertly crafted—that’s what you can expect from the small crowding tub by Real Industries. 


Improved Safety

The easy set-up walkways allow your cattle to have continuous access through the tub. The steel walls keep your animals calm as they move through the tub. 

With the high side walls, you won’t need to worry about animals trying to jump or climb out. There are no spaces in the walls; your cattle will be completely safe. 


Quality Construction

Like all of our handling system equipment, our small crowding tub is designed for heavy-duty applications. It’s durable enough to withstand the force of your cattle and harsh weather conditions. The 1-piece unit can be easily adapted to any handling system. 



  • ¼ of 21’ diameter
  • Side walls sheeted to a full 66” high


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If you’re looking for a safer and more efficient way to handle your cattle, check out our small crowding tub. With our small crowding tub, you can steer your cattle without stress or injury.

At Real Industries, we’re always working hard to deliver top-of-the-line livestock products. To purchase your small crowding tub, contact us today!