Moving your livestock is easier said than done. To do it, you need a livestock trailer designed to safely transport your livestock. 

Looking for a livestock trailer? If you’re trying to decide which one to buy, you might feel overwhelmed by all your options. Livestock trailers come in different widths, lengths, and hook-up styles.

Ultimately, you’re looking for one that keeps your animals safe and minimizes stress levels. At Real Industries Ltd., we carry livestock trailers designed to meet your needs. We’ll help you choose a trailer that’s suitable for your specific type of livestock and farm. Here’s a look at the types of livestock trailers we have to offer:


Gooseneck Livestock Trailer

Gooseneck trailers are better suited for hauling heavier loads. More weight means more animals. That’s why these trailers are ideal for moving large herds. You can fit several animals within your gooseneck trailer, from cattle to horses. 

One of the main concerns when buying a livestock trailer is if it will sway on the road. This happens when the trailer isn’t entirely stable and secure. 

Under the weight of the livestock, the trailer may pivot as you drive, especially when there are strong winds. But gooseneck trailers are designed to keep your livestock safe, even in trying weather conditions. 

Trailer sway is much less likely to happen with a gooseneck trailer. What makes gooseneck trailers so stable? They feature a long neck attached to a bill hitch in your towing truck. They’re designed to balance their weight over the rear axles, not the frame. This ensures that your livestock will have a smooth and safe experience. 

At Real Industries, all of our gooseneck livestock trailers come with the following features:

  • 2-way backdoor
  • Adjustable telescope
  • Lockable door latch
  • LED lighting
  • EZ lube axle spindle
  • Backdoor safety pin

Our trailers are built with a heavy wall tubular gooseneck with ¼” fishplates. Inside the trailer is a chip-resistant liner. All the exterior walls are welded solid.

To finish your livestock trailer, we start by washing it with an industrial degreaser. Then, it’s sandblaster and primed with zinc primer, which prevents rusting. We coat it with epoxy chip-resistant gravel coating. The chip-resistant paint coating is applied inside and out to protect against stones and animal wear.

Finally, it’s primed and painted with high-quality urethane products. The result is a long-lasting finish that holds up in tough conditions. 


Bumper Pull Livestock Trailer

If you’re looking for a smaller trailer, consider a bumper pull design. They attach to any standard ball hitch on your truck or SUV. Bumper pull trailers are quick to hitch and unhitch, so setting them up is super easy. 

Bumper pull trailers are more for a hobby farm or a second run around trailer. In general, if you need to move a smaller number of animals, you can get by with a bumper pull livestock trailer. But for large numbers of animals, use one with a gooseneck hitch. 

Since they’re more lightweight than gooseneck trailers, bumper pull trailers are easier to transport. They also don’t require as heavy-duty of a vehicle to move them. 

If you’re planning to move your livestock shorter distances, or you carry lighter loads of livestock at once, you might be better suited for a bumper pull trailer than a gooseneck one. 


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Rough Canadian roads present a unique challenge for trailers. Each bump and dip in the road causes the trailer to flex. Oftentimes, lighter-built trailers and aluminum trailers cannot handle the constant flexing and crake and break. Real Industries trailers are designed to handle the harsh roads and climate Canada has to offer.

Need help finding the best livestock trailer for your needs? At Real Industries, our livestock trailers are designed with your needs in mind. We carry durable and reliable products to make your job easier. 

All of our livestock trailers are available at reasonable prices. Each purchase includes a 6-year structural warranty, torsion axles for minimum maintenance, and long-lasting life. 

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