Big Horn Alley System

The Real “Big Horn Alley System” is the newest addition to our livestock handling equipment line. It has been designed to provide a quiet, low stress handling experience for both producer and animal. By allowing the animal to proceed through the system using their herd mentality and natural instincts, the animals remain calmer and flow through the system much quicker and quieter.

A complete Big Horn Alley system consists of a 21’ double wide alley that is feed by either a bud box (recommended) or crowding tub and funnels into a 15’ alley section. Both sections have the follow features:

  • Lower walls to allow the animals to see what’s going on around them and prevents stress.
  • A no-back system that is fully customizable. No-backs can be added and subtracted as needed. The no-back system height can easily be adjusted to accommodate a wide range of animal sizes with a simple turn of a jack.
  • Rubber cushioned stops to eliminate sharp noises that spook the animals.
  • Greased pivot points for smooth, quiet and effortless alley adjustment with a simple turn of a jack.
  • No-back and alley adjustment jacks can be placed on either side of the system.
  • Heavy duty 3” square tube framing that is welded solid for maximum rigidity and strength.

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