Calving Pen


Our calving pen is designed to protect your most vulnerable animals. You can quickly and easily set up your calving pen for nursing, examination, vaccination, or calving. It’s the ideal place for:

  • Sick or injured animals
  • Newborn calves
  • Pregnant animals
  • Animals who need veterinarian care

Inside the calving pen, you can lead your animals safely into the head gate to perform any necessary examinations or medical care. 

You can easily monitor your animals when they’re inside the maternity pen. With its open and versatile design, you can minimize any stress your animals experience while entering the self-catching head gate or moving around the pen.



  • The three-way linkage allows you to create the shape and size of corral you need.
  • Flip the side panel to allow for nursing or caesareans.
  • With the removable spring-loaded top bar, you can administer medication or perform a diagnostic examination of your cattle in your calving pen.


Your 10’ x 12’ pen will include:

  • 1 self-catching head gate
  • 1 7’ drop panel
  • 1 10’ walk-in
  • 2 12’ panels
  • 1 confinement front

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Our square calving pens are built with safety and accessibility in mind. Affordable, durable, and reliable, our calving pen is what your livestock operation needs. To place your order, contact Real Industries today!