Round Calving Pen

A maternity pen is an essential part of any livestock operation. It’s a place where you can keep a close watch on and care for pregnant, newborn, sick, or injured animals. 

This calving pen is designed with a circular shape, which helps lead your animals into the head gate with less resistance. Once the animal is in the pen, you can safely access different parts of the body for medical examination or care. And even when animals are moving around, our round calving pen will stay secure on the ground.

Our round confinement pen arrives as a one-piece unit for added strength and durability. It’s quick and easy to set up, so you can start using it right away. 



  • The side panel easily swings out of your way to provide easy access to your animals.
  • Use the independent bottom panel for nursing while maintaining your animal in the correct position.
  • Keeps you safe and your livestock secure while you perform the care your animals need.


  • Curved design that helps direct your animal toward the head gate.
  • Checker plate floor pattern at the head gate prevents animals from moving the pen.

Buy Your Round Calving Pen Today!

You’ll have no trouble setting up our round calving pen for nursing, calving, examination, or vaccination. At Real Industries, we only offer you products that we know will make your life easier. Our calving pens are incredibly durable and highly affordable. Order yours today!