Bale Feeders


When you’re raising livestock, there’s one task you need to complete every day without fail: Feeding them. What’s the most efficient way to do it? 

You want to ensure each animal gets their fair share of feed without wasting any, whether you’re feeding horses or cattle. On top of that, you want to prevent any horses or cattle from being injured in the process.

Trying to choose the right feeder for your farm? When comparing feeders, look at the total weight instead of the diameter of the tubing. 

Some feeders are larger in tubing diameter but made of a much thinner wall. This makes them lighter weight and lighter duty, even if they are sold as heavy duty.

At Real Industries, you can rely on the heftiness of our products. Feed your livestock more efficiently and safely with our Round Bale Feeders. Select a model with skirting to prevent injuries and food spoilage. We have a wide selection of styles and dimensions to better suit your farm. 

At Real Industries, we offer the following styles of Round Bale Feeders:

  • Regular Bale Feeder
  • Tombstone Feeder
  • Regular Skirted Feeder 
  • Sheep Feeder Skirted



Our Round Bale Feeders have the option to add skirting, which provides extra protection to prevent food spoilage. This is one of the main benefits of our Tombstone Feeders. The skirt prevents a horse’s legs from getting caught in the lower rings and getting broken.

Choose the Tombstone Feeder to help separate your horses and ensure each feeding goes smoothly. It’s welded on all sides for strength and sold unpainted. 

The slanted feeders help reduce feed waste. In addition, the design of the feeder prevents livestock from climbing inside it. 

We sell feeder models available in welded solid bolted at one seam or bolted in halves. Bolts are available for an additional fee.



  • Feeders dimensions are 4ft tall x 7ft 7″ outer diameter


Reduce Food Waste With a Round Bale Feeder 

With our selection of livestock feeders, you can feed your animals more efficiently and without injury. At Real Industries, we’re committed to helping horse and cattle producers handle their animals in a safe, cost-effective way. 

If you’d like to get a quote, place an order, or learn more about our products, contact us today!