Bunk Feeders For Livestock


Our Bunk Feeders are incredibly popular on farms across the country. They’re heavy-duty, easy to clean, and perfect for feeding cattle. 

Need a Bunk Feeder for livestock? At Real Industries, we’ve got what you’re looking for. Here’s what our Bunk Feeders have to offer:


Cut down on food waste and streamline the feeding process with a Bunk Feeder. At Real Industries, we supply the following types of Bunk Feeders:

10’ Bunk Feeder

This model is constructed of 14 gauge steel sheet for unbeatable strength. It’s painted green and built with heavy tubular legs. 

10’ Bunk Feeder with Feeder Panel Slants

This Bunk Feeder features adjustable calf bars for your convenience. It’s perfect for inline fence feeding!



  • Designed for easy cleanout.
  • 200 lb capacity.
  • Our feeders are available in 10 and 16 foot sizes.

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Make it easier to feed your livestock with a Bunk Feeder. At Real Industries, we’re a family-owned business with over 45 years of experience. We carry livestock products that are affordable and durable. 

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