Cattle Feeder Panels


Feeder panels separate your livestock while they eat. Reduce food waste and prevent conflicts during feedings with our Cattle Feeder Panels.

As a livestock producer, you pay a lot for food, and it pains you to see it wasted. The slanted bars discourage your animals from pulling their heads out while food is still in their mouth. They also prevent your cattle from getting inside of the feeder itself. Use our Feeder Panels to reduce food waste. 

Our Feeder Panels are flexible, so you can configure them how you need. They’re easy to set up and maintain; you can set them up with them as soon as your order arrives. 

You need a heavy-duty feeder panel that can hold up to competitive cattle. Our Cattle Feeder Panels are designed to do just that. Built for durability and longevity, our Cattle Feeder Panels will hold up even after years of use. 



Here’s what you can expect from your Cattle Feeder Panels:

  • Available in a skirted version, which features a 16 gauge sheet on the bottom, 20”. The total weight is 11.3 lbs per lineal foot. 
  • Welded on all sides.
  • Panels are available in 8, 10, 12, 14, and 16 foot lengths. 
  • Sold unpainted.
  • The 3-way linkage allows you to create any configuration you require to fit your farm.
  • Custom orders are available!



  • Built with 1” x 1” x 100 wall square tubing
  • Feed panel height is 4’


Order Your Cattle Feeder Panels Today!

Install a Slant Bar Feeder Panel to reduce food waste and create calmer feeding times. You’ll also help protect your livestock during feedings. It’s a great investment for your farm and your cattle. 

At Real Industries, we offer our products across Canada, including Alberta, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan. We’re committed to bringing you affordable and high-quality livestock products. To order our Cattle Feeder Panels, contact us today.